Careers and Education in Photography

by April L. Karbowsky

A career in photography is a great way to meld a passion and a paycheck. There's more to it, though, than just liking to take pictures. Did you know that there are food photographers? Forensic photographers? Fine Arts photographers? In the articles that follow you can find out about these different fields of photography plus how to pursue your education and launch your career.

Photography Schools Unshuttered - Richard Avedon: famous fashion photographer. Margaret Bourke-White: photojournalist for Life Magazine. Ansel Adams: master wilderness photographer. Annie Liebowitz: portrait photographer to the stars. Careers in photography can be diverse and exciting and this article, explaining the ins and outs of photography schools, will get you on your way to becoming a professional in this field.

Selecting the Right Photography School Can be Like Picking the Best Shot from a Proof Sheet - Nowadays, as a photography student, you need to learn how to use not only traditional Single Lens Reflex cameras but also high-tech digital cameras and photo editing software suites - in addition to learning about composition, lighting, processing techniques, and the business end of the field. This article explains educational requirements and what to look for when you're selecting from the multitude of programs offered in photography.

Snap Your Way to a New degrees showcase your knowledge and training in the field - As with most professions, a degree can open the door to opportunity. In the field of photography, degree holders are often considered for jobs as commercial photographers, photojournalists, digital photo editors, videographers, and even educators. This article discusses some of the degree options and certifications you need to consider prior to pursuing a career in photography.

Need Financial Aid for Photography School? Read On... - The price of earning a degree in photography may be intimidating, but keep in mind that there are plenty of scholarship, grant, and loan sources available for you to check out.

Photography Careers and Jobs - Capturing special moments. Representing a corporation's products. Documenting today's news. Revealing an individual's personality. Professional photographers are skilled at handling these tasks and many more. Careers in photography are very diverse and can go from extremely creative to downright business-like. This article provides helpful hints on planning for, finding, and landing the job in photography that's best suited for you.

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