Naturopathic Careers Statistics

Naturopathic Careers Statistics
  • The titles Doctor of Naturopathy and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine can be used interchangeably by licensed professionals. Both degrees are commonly known as ND, but one occasionally sees NMD, as well. NDs are allowed to practice as such in 14 states and 4 provinces. Those working in other states and provinces may offer services that do not violate medical practice acts, or they can obtain another degree, such as an MD, and practice under that designation.
  • Naturopathic physicians attend four-year graduate level courses and cover the same classes as Doctors of Medicine. Most are also trained in acupuncture, nutrition, botanical medicine, counseling, and more. Graduates that pass the difficult board exam in their state are qualified to be primary care general physicians.
  • Homeopathic medicine focuses on these principles:
    • The Law of Similars - what has been proven to work for other individuals should work on the patient as well
    • The Minimum Dose - using the least amount of medicine needed
    • Totality of Symptoms - treating all symptoms as part of a system
    • Single Remedy - administering one remedy at a time

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